Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Cartoon: White flag

Do the Courier editors really believe that Prescott needs more reinforcement of a talking point that only the Current Resident seems to believe? When both active and retired military, soldiers and officers on the ground, legislators on both sides of the aisle, diplomats, the intelligence community and the majority of Americans have reached a clear and public consensus that no good can come of continuing the illegal Iraq occupation, when the original public objectives of overthrowing Saddam and installing an elected government have been achieved and no other clear objective has even been put forward for consideration, how can one possibly characterize ending the pain as 'surrender'? Because you've got a specific political agenda, that's how.

Guys, you're trying to make your readers dumber again. You have much better stuff available from 'the right' that you could be using, and that goes for your editorial page as a whole. Look for cooler, smarter rhetoric and you may begin to win back some credibility.


shano said...

A great example of why I never read the Courier. They consistently take the worst, most simplistic memes from the radical rabid right. And I would feel the same if they were far, far left.

There is a point where it becomes mindless propaganda, with no basis in truth. So it is very misleading. And does not inform the people.

When did this kind of hate speech become acceptable in the mainstream? As practiced by Bill-o and the Fox crew, it is the biggest factor in the polarization of America today.

This used to be called "tabloid" journalism, and was not read or taken seriously by educated people.
I blame Rupert Murdock for ruining the political discourse in this country.

At least now we can go on-line for National news.

As a local paper, if the Courier reported local events in a timely way they would actually provide a service to Prescott. They could at least do that for the community.

catalyst said...

Shano - Apparently you've never heard of the "yellow journalism" wars between Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst. Murdock didn't invent tabloid journalism, he just continued it.

As for the Courier's cartoon, it is so shameful as to be embarrassing.

shano said...

Hey catalyst,
Yes, of course, I have heard of 'yellow' journalism.

But now it is seeping into small local formats nationwide. And television.
Is it corporate influence? Or just pandering to the lowest common denominator.

Just wish they wouldnt call it journalism or 'news', hahah.

They will have alot to answer for. I think we are seeing this now, considering the blowback from Bill Moyers film on the media. Not enough, but something.