Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A6: "Davis, Thurman support Prop. 207 land use stipulation"

Okay, this is different from what I was thinking on Sunday. The Supes voted against the Queen Bee to allow the county to revoke land-use changes requested by owners if they subsequently sue under Prop 207 rules. I'm just having a hard time figuring out when that might happen, since you're supposed to invoke 207 if a state or local authority does something that impacts your land value. Very interesting that Springer invokes the 'will of the voters' (not unlike the 'will of the hypnotized subject to bark like a chicken') and makes a big deal about what looks pretty basic to me. There's a very bad smell in the room.

Editorial: "Time has come for use of photo radar"

The unnamed Courier editor again repackages page one and -- surprise! -- comes to the same conclusion pushed in the uncritical coverage. At least there's no cowboy-movie reference, thank Cthulhu.

Talk of the Town: "Everyone has the right to protect themselves"

Most readers won't make it through the first graph of this academically styled bumble through Beside-the-Pointland, so it might be unfair to ask that the Courier editors recruit a street lawnforcement officer to reply to Tony Imbronone's ultimate point, that the government has neither the capacity nor the inclination to protect you from crime, so you'd better get a gun. That seems a mighty sweeping indictment of our peace officers, not to mention the whole concept of civilization, capping his massive naivete about the likely effectiveness of the strategy.

A1: "Sheriff's office arrests one of its own"

In the comments, Carlos Gaines gives the expected instant judgment, and things look bad for the deputy. I hope the reader will resist the urge to infer this or that, and bear in mind that using drugs recreationally doesn't make you evil.

A7: "Court of appeals ends Henson’s extradition battle"

Mirsada Buric follows up on her story from Saturday with the expected news that Arizona will send him back to California and the death threats against him. I can understand the journalistic rationale for "a misdemeanor conviction involving his threats against the Church of Scientology," but given the facts of the case it would have been nice to see 'purported' or 'alleged' in there somewhere. And I expect we'll never know whether YavCo jail personnel really withheld his drugs or kept him from his lawyer. I hope he makes it through the ordeal OK.