Thursday, January 13, 2011

Casserly: Foul language degrades humanity

JJ's diatribe reminds me of a broken-headed bum shouting at rush-hour traffic. Best response comes from Andrew Johnson-Schmit:

Mr. Casserly, you are right to be concerned about the use of language in our society. But I would suggest you play very loose and fast with language yourself. You manage to transform former Illinois Governor Former Rod Blagojevich into a former mayor of Chicago (and if the crux of his infamy is plotting to sell the appointment of an Illinois Senator - what in the world has that got to do with a mayor?) You see a clear unifying line between public use of profanity by entertainers with what you consider lies by members of a political party you don't agree with. What is that close connection? Because you feel they are evil in their own ways and Dante would have wanted to torture them in his writing. This is not precise or even informed writing. Mr. Casserly, your byline states you are a "longtime newsman." Act like one.
Hear, hear.