Monday, April 2, 2007

Amster: "Conservatives, liberals have much alike"

Randal's a friend of mine, a sweet soul and a sharp intellect. I think he's doing his best to walk the talk as an advocate for peace and understanding. It just makes for kind of limp reading. Randal: Ron Barnes hoed this row for years and look where it got him. Free your inner activist.

Read it all here.

Editorial: "Commuters, it's time to speak up"

I'm always puzzled why anyone thinks that scheduled passenger air service out of Prescott is important. The economics of flying, whether in terms of cost or time, make no sense against taking one of our several shuttle bus services to Sky Harbor.

All I can see in this is that certain rich people feel too important to sit with the hoipolloi on the freeway. Fine, but let them pay for it, meaning end the federal subsidies.

Why bother?

You may be thinking, "Why spend any time on it? No one reads the paper anyway." It's a fair point.

I'm an optimist, and I figure that if we become readers and we hold the editors accountable for what they're doing, including when they're doing right, we can slowly make it better. Would you prefer that your only choices for news in Prescott were satellite TV and right-wing talk radio?