Saturday, April 28, 2007

Editorial: "Four rules of firearm safety apply to all"

The unnamed Courier editor (guess who) intones the gun rules with religious fervor -- I'm reminded of Heston and the Ten Commandments -- to wag a finger at the VA security guard. He rails against the world he himself creates.

Update, 2pm: He's talking about this, Lefty, from Wednesday.

Update, 6:25am Sunday: Link fixed, I hope. That was odd.

Talk of the Town: "Human error, bad bins affect alley"

Mike from Pearl's Place details a series of whiny excuses for Whiskey Row businesses turning the alley into a stinking mess. Fine, Mike. Did you at least cc this to the City Manager?

There was a time not long ago when the businesses would have got together on this shared problem and made a solution happen rather than wait for someone else to fix it for them. At the very least they would not be allowing their neighbors and employees to make it worse.

Letters: Guns are good

Sorry, Marie, the only 'crying out for help' that Cho was doing involved more ammo. We can probably have fewer of them, but we'll never completely eliminate the dangerous psychopaths among us. And as long as we tolerate so many who think like Mr Brunstein here, eagerly awaiting the chance to personally save the world using his hip-mounted manhood, we're manufacturing them faster than we can medicate them.

Update, 12:50pm: Link fixed.

A1: "D-H P & Z recommends rezone of Young's Farm"

It looks like Dewey is going to get its gated enclave on the old farm. After all, "We can't stop growth. Growth is inevitable," chants a longtime Dewey resident, doing the mental yoga of bending his desire for "nice homes" around his rural nostalgia and through his lust for property value. Whatever.

Yo copy editors, y'all clearly need a refresher on verb agreement. I'm seeing way too many of these: "A vocal group of residents still oppose the plan, ...."

A5: "Napolitano: Time is now for action on climate change"

It just steams me that the position statements of our Governor on what will surely be the most important issues of our time wind up buried in a wire story on the Business page. What are they thinking?

A9: "Lawyer says he will run for district 1 seat"

Set conveniently below the turn on the Renzi story, the first Dem declares for Renzi's seat, focusing on vet's issues. The rush is on!

A1: "Renzi insists he is not resigning"

This AP repackage of stories from the last couple of days includes a little whine from a Coconino pol about the rumor that Renzi will give it up. This is a a bit silly, since Renzi himself was the original source.