Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No-news Wednesday

I've been hearing lots of news of online content providers going dark on Wednesday, and I realized I'm an occasional provider as well, so I should get with the program. So Courierwatch will be offline on Wednesday as well, in solidarity. (I know, big whup.)
   The issue is the Stop Online Piracy Act and the new legal tools it would provide for censoring online content, as well as its scattershot, blame-the-messenger approach. Regular readers know I'm no fan of the Wild West online atmosphere so beloved of fourteen-year-olds, nor of taking intellectual works willy-nilly without paying for them, which is the baby in this bathwater. But Congress does not have this right, and protests are having some effect in forcing the bad guys to climb down. Again. (Hint: they won't ever quit.)

Update, 5pm Wednesday: Wow, I had no idea my readers are so influential! Support for SOPA crumbled in Congress today. Power to the people, man.

  Editorial: Stop Blaming Public Ed Big cookie for the unnamed Courier editor today as he lambastes the Legislature and parsimonious voters for defunding education and complaining about the results.
   This editorial shows progress in style as well as substance, moving past the forced folksiness of late to a more direct and real voice.
   He slips a bit where he tries a little too hard to distribute blame equally -- the schools don't decide how many days of instruction to provide, that's the Leg again.
   But the sentiment is correct. We can't go on with this regressive minstrel show. Education is far too serious an issue to play political games over. I might hope our legislators take this to heart, but let's say I have reason for doubt.

Must read: Half-Truths About the American Dream

Bob Lord has a fascinating think piece on Blog for Arizona about the millions of Americans who are left out of the conversation on economic justice even by the Left, and why it's important to expand our values beyond mere opportunity.

Worth your time: Half Truths About the American Dream

Everyone should know: Romney Owns Rush, et al.

Wouldn't it be weird if national opinion leaders owed their livings to a national political candidate?

Check it out: Bain Capital Owns Clear Channel (Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Etc.)

Instructive historical example: William Randolph Hearst

You could see it another way as well -- if Romney's depending on Rush et al. for income, Rush owns Romney. Given Romney's demonstrated willingness to bow to idols of the far right that he clearly doesn't believe in, this may be the more salient angle.