Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Panic at the comments desk

From the many references to missing comments, it appears that something has changed in a big way over the past few days, and whoever is editing the comments has no clue what they're doing. Perhaps the senior editors don't know what this person is doing either. In any case it's pissing a lot of people off unnecessarily. Someone needs to reread the rules, straighten up and fly right.

Editorial: Redistricting commission needs greater (Republican) voice

The unnamed Courier editor supports Pearce and Adams in rigging the redistricting commission. The question is whether he's being fooled by the rhetoric or he's trying to fool his readers. Here's most of the real story.

I'm hopeful that it's essentially a non-issue because we can trust that the courts won't stand for this naked power play. The editor should know all this stuff, including the personalities of the players.