Friday, May 18, 2007

A1: "State is looking into assessor dealings"

Joanna Dodder adds a sighting of AG Terry Goddard to the Hambrick story, along with something from the Arizona Department of Real Estate, indicating that state-level officials are looking into it. Most of the body copy is review, but there's a stronger track on how Vic thinks land changes value depending on whether he's buying it or selling it. OK, we all do that, but we're not all the assessor.

Editorial: "New teen driving law is a good move"

The unnamed editor makes a good call and writes an informative piece about the new law. I'm afraid I missed the bit where the editors urged legislators to carry and support the bill while it was in process. What other good in-process bills might deserve support when it could make a difference? Leaving out the Paris Hilton bill, of course.

Talk of the Town: "Data leads to new inconvenient truth"

Terry Lovell is back with a flailing response to actual climate scientist Tim Crews, whom we read last week in this space. Lovell's original piece came in on April 15.

Lovell's arguments blather for themselves -- he maintains cluelessness about the carbon cycle, for example. My question is this: OK, we're having a real debate on the editorial page -- why did the first piece sit for a month unanswered, while the redirect comes out in a week? It's perfectly plausible that Crews took a while to get around to it (I wouldn't be surprised if he's busier than Lovell at work), but it's also plausible that it sat on the spike for a while. Just askin'.

Update, 7:15pm: Ever wonder where this stuff comes from?

Kamin: "Arsenic: How Bush and Clinton left Prescott holding the bag"

A big cookie and latte for John Kamin, who's done some homework and come up with a solid think piece on the arsenic problem. Go, read. Now, will this make it into print?

Update, 8:20: Link fixed, thanks, John!