Monday, May 21, 2007

Herron: "Big Mess in Iraq getting worse daily"

Al gives us a nice basic summary of the issues our soldiers are facing down in Iraq. Of course, we knew all this four years ago, only the numbers of dead and maimed have changed, so it's a little late. He promises a second part to this, and I hope it will include a clear and forceful position on what we should do about the 'big mess.'

Editorial: "Why rush now on immigration bill?"

The unnamed Courier editor raises the bloody effigy of Ted Kennedy over his head to scare his tiny audience, but he collapses under the weight of his own rhetoric. Failing to mention that the other main sponsor of this bill is John Kyl and that it's supported by both St. McCain and the Current Resident puts the editor squarely in the center of the hooting platoon led by Russell Pierce. After stoking the fire for "immigration reform" for several years in a pathetically transparent attempt to stampede voters toward the Rs, suddenly now there's no hurry. Blaming the current Congress for the Preznit's massive deficit-spending rates a chuckle, as well.

Guys, you've been pandering to this reactionary put-up job for so long you've bought into the gag. The vast majority of Americans know that the situation is both complex and not an emergency, and so do you. Put a sock in it and let the adults get something done.

A1: "County workers keep buildings looking good"

I remember doing a story a lot like this for my high-school paper about our custodial department. Paula Rhoden gets the byline, but this is another in what we can expect will be a regular series of utterly uncritical features that could have been written by departmental PR flaks. Again we learn nothing about the quality or relative value of the services we're all paying for.

I've dealt with Pat Kirshman professionally, and the sooner he shuffles off to obscurity the better I'll like it. There's plenty of stink to investigate here.

A3: "Copper Basin Road project, water availability top agenda "

Another regular Monday agenda story from Cindy Barks. If there's going to be no analysis or background to the issues that the councils and boards are preparing to discuss, it seems to me that this sort of information would be easier to access in a regular, dependable notice box shared by the various government authorities. Consider how the agenda information can best serve the voter, and what the paper could include to facilitate and encourage public participation.

Update, 9:47: Page number corrected, thanks Jared.

A1: "Group recreates war for History Channel"

Joanna Dodder has a little wander through Prescott history to pad out a puffer about our local military dress-up club. I suppose it's no surprise that she doesn't mention the actual subject of the documentary, America's first unprovoked, aggressive war of expansion and conquest.