Monday, November 2, 2009

Amster: 'Call to service' worth encouraging

Today Randall turns in what I think may be the best-written piece I've seen from him. Good show, Randall!

Editorial: Progress is fine, but let's be open with it

In his Sunday editorial, the unnamed Courier editor complains that "The Republicans were left knocking on the door" to be involved in health-care reform. Anyone with half an eye open can see that the Rs have not only refused to contribute positively despite a huge and politically costly effort to get them in the room, they've proven repeatedly that they will do all they can to derail even the mildest reform.

The editor can go on like this without a hint of irony, having consistently applauded the Rs for keeping the Ds out in the cold through the eight Bush years and decades in the Arizona legislature, today's slap on the wrist notwithstanding.

An honest negotiation needs two honest negotiators. Since the Gingrich years the radical authoritarians, religionists and corporatists running the Republican party have demonstrated that they are interested only in power and gamesmanship. Statesmanship and citizenship have fallen by the boards. It's past time that we all clearly understand that, the editor included, and play the hand we're dealt.

Dems need to grow a spine and stop pretending that Reps are negotiating in good faith. Reps who truly want to act in good faith, and there are a lot of them, must disavow those who don't, separate themselves from the radicals and take back their party.

Elks renovation gets boost

Cindy's nice little update piece on the Elks Theatre is notable for the first mention I've seen or heard of any interest in replacing the stage draperies. These are not "decorative," as the story would have it, but rather are essential stage equipment in dire shape, ready to explode in flame with just the right spark. It's this sort of upgrade and maintenance of equipment and facilities, neglected in all talk I've heard about the project, that I've been harping on for years,

By the way, Cindy, what you're groping to call a "stage archway" is what's known as the proscenium. This indicates to me that you're still talking to people who know nothing about theatre.