Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Editorial: "Open space sales tax could go to road upkeep"

The Courier declares its position on the just-beginning initiative effort that's been prominently featured here and here. OK, guys, you go ahead, but we'll see how well you keep your politics separate from your news. So far, you're screwing up.

O'Reilly: "Coddling criminal illegal aliens unconscionable"

Today the Courier runs O'Reilly's complete column. Of course: it's about criminal illegals.

If you missed Bill's idea of intelligent debate on this issue on his show or the widely circulated YouTube clip, it's too late, Fox complained and YouTube took it down.

A6: "Veterans monument committee discusses contacting artists"

Master of boring meetings Ken Hedler lets us in on the planning for a new memorial in PV. I love the bit from Councilcritter Lora Lee Nye:

Nye said the monument should not mention wars or conflicts, adding, “We want it to be contemplative.”

A veterans monument that avoids mention of war. Uh-huh. Ken gets a cookie for keeping a straight face.

A1: "Big Chino Water Ranch dominates Verde coalition debate"

I know this is a story that is complex, ongoing and will be that way forever, but I gotta say that while Cindy Barks has probably covered the back and forth in Council well enough, her story doesn't do much to inform readers who haven't been following the players and stats for years. There's a lot going on here under the surface, and it deserves more regular, comprehensive coverage acknowledging its complexity.

If that's what you're looking for, check out Candace McNulty's work in Read It Here.

A1: "Focus on the planet"

A nice rundown by Joanna Dodder details a pretty broad-based group of Earth Day events, with no snark about footwear.

A1: "Pro-Wal-Mart committee pays late fine"

Maybe it's me, but I had to read Ken Hedler's story three times to get a picture from this more or less random scatter of quotes, names, organizations and allegations. There's no indication I can find in the text that the headline is true, and I still don't know whether the Wal-Mart supporters will be required to pay a fine.

A1: "Spotlight on security in wake of massacre"

Given the national focus on the VT murders, it's perfectly predictable that the Courier would send someone, in this case Shari Lopatin, to ask these questions. I just have to wonder whether it's useful or smart to detail how many officers and guns are patrolling our campuses.