Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A1: "Spotlight on security in wake of massacre"

Given the national focus on the VT murders, it's perfectly predictable that the Courier would send someone, in this case Shari Lopatin, to ask these questions. I just have to wonder whether it's useful or smart to detail how many officers and guns are patrolling our campuses.


leftturnclyde said...

HURRAY ! watch the school officials scramble to explain how safe their campuses are .
READ some actual comments by the sheep..oops excuse me students on how safe they feel.
BEHOLD the ominous ending comment from one sheep ,dang there I go again ,Student who feels safe yet.. in an amazing show of apathy about his own safety.. says a similar incident at one of the local colleges would be impossible to stop.
WATCH as nothing is done to address the problem.

Steven Ayres said...

So what would you do to "address the problem," Lefty?

leftturnclyde said...

sharp pointy sticks for everyone!
but seriously ..
I think the first thing to do would to have actual drills on this kind of thing at the schools.
The students ,staff and campus security would not have make up what to do in this kind of emergency situation as they go along.
The second would be to have a look at how to make school design more secure. I dont think anybody wants to got to school in a fortress but there are many ways to improve security ..I mean one in and one way out is not just bad security its a fire hazard.
and then theres that whole being personally responsible for defending your ownself thing and granting that they were ambushed..I mean one guy with 2 pistols against 30 plus people in a enclosed space ? even with out weapons other than what was at hand (chairs , books ,Laptops, Harirspray) if the class had turned on him as a whole, the death toll would have been much lower and the guy most likely would have been taken alive ..although I say this with some reservation.its amazing what peace loving folk will do when aroused.
anyway thats just a start and check it out not once did I rant about anything second amendmenty