Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A6: "Veterans monument committee discusses contacting artists"

Master of boring meetings Ken Hedler lets us in on the planning for a new memorial in PV. I love the bit from Councilcritter Lora Lee Nye:

Nye said the monument should not mention wars or conflicts, adding, “We want it to be contemplative.”

A veterans monument that avoids mention of war. Uh-huh. Ken gets a cookie for keeping a straight face.


leftturnclyde said...

Ken hedler is the guy that should have been at the water meeting.
.. a non specific war memorial..
for all the non specific wars with all the non specific war dead I guess ..what the PV council is trying to avoid is the shitstorm that the 9/11 memorial caused down in phoenix..good luck !

Steven Ayres said...

There's the 9-11 memorial issue, sure, but I expect Ms Nye's concern is more that the monument be as bloodless as possible, you know, something nice, and not too expensive.
I'd love to hear what combat vets think of that.

Quibble: Let's not tar the whole PV Council with this attitude yet.

leftturnclyde said...

Ok Ok, besides there are so many other things to tar them for .

coyoteradiotheater said...

Loooord, and a "military service" monument. So they can ilimp together say, air guard members who managed to get to most of their drill weekends and someone who's unit got activated in time of war and sent to the sand box.

Why does this sound like it was dreamed up by someone who's very done it, never intended to do it and wants to give them impression they would have, but they had other plans at the time.