Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A1: "Big Chino Water Ranch dominates Verde coalition debate"

I know this is a story that is complex, ongoing and will be that way forever, but I gotta say that while Cindy Barks has probably covered the back and forth in Council well enough, her story doesn't do much to inform readers who haven't been following the players and stats for years. There's a lot going on here under the surface, and it deserves more regular, comprehensive coverage acknowledging its complexity.

If that's what you're looking for, check out Candace McNulty's work in Read It Here.


leftturnclyde said...

ok based on this article I can tell there was a meeting and there were questions raised about " the city’s timing in developing conservation-related programs for the Paulden-area Big Chino Basin"
But what were the questions ..why should I have to go to another newspaper to get even basic background info on this subject when the courier had a reporter there and has been (barely)covering this issue for sometime?
whatcha hiding guys?

Granny J said...

Come on, guys. You know that if "progress" (i.e., the growth/developer complex) is threatened, the Courier will wimp out. That's the nature of publishing. Perhaps Carol Springer's attitude about water (...if somebody wants to build and there's no water, that's his problem...) is the answer. The sooner we see those bleached bones up the Big Chino, the sooner folks will wake up. Am I just a bit cynical? You bet.

Steven Ayres said...

Granny leads me to a thought: to some people, a place, a home, is just another commodity, a thing on which they bet, they hold for a while, they take their winnings, and they move on. Speculation on real estate is as accepted as that on stocks.

In my case, I own a house, and I fully expect that at some point down the line, as demand continues to rise in our area, I'll no longer be able to afford to keep it, so I'll cash out of the game and move someplace cheaper. I gotta think that this has a long-term insidious effect on the community.

But what could be done about it? It's not like we want to undertake a strategy of making the area less attractive to lower demand.

leftturnclyde said...

Granny j said."Come on, guys. You know that if "progress" (i.e., the growth/developer complex) is threatened, the Courier will wimp out."
And steve and I are here to callem on it. join in its really fun and an education in itself.!