Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A1: "City pushes off projected date for Big Chino water pipeline"

Surprise! The Big Chino project is bigger and more complex than city staff expected. Cindy Barks plays it straight, as usual.

A1: "Suicide attempt results in officer-involved shooting"

A third barricade situation in PV results in suicide by cop. Mirsada Buric restates the police report and quotes the police spokesperson. We get the facts, and learn nothing.

Letters: Mixed bag

Candace McNulty applies the wry eye, Harry Hebden feels insulted, Al Berkowitz likes his house and Lawrence Lopez serves some snark -- or does he?

Wiederaenders: "Honors, new moms reveal weekend of joy"

This feels a bit like Tim's thinking of giving up newspaper work in favor of a cushier spot on an airline magazine -- or maybe taking over Jerry's breezy B1 column. Harmless.

Editorial: "Not everyone learned Indian Fire lesson"

Shorter unnamed Courier editor: people who flick butts are stupid. Funny, I thought I knew that already.

In looking over that first draft, try this test next time: Does this editorial make voters any smarter about this issue?