Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wiederaenders: "Honors, new moms reveal weekend of joy"

This feels a bit like Tim's thinking of giving up newspaper work in favor of a cushier spot on an airline magazine -- or maybe taking over Jerry's breezy B1 column. Harmless.


Media Dude said...

It's interesting how little you know about "community" journalism, Steven. I see him emulating the greatest "community" columnist ever -- Herb Caen, the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist of San Francisco. Not everything in a local newspaper, or in a local column for that matter, has to be earth shattering. Journalism is not all about digging up some dirt or exposing something; Tim's columns show he, and thus the Courier, cares about this area's readers. That's "community."

Steven Ayres said...

It's interesting to see how easily you draw sweeping conclusions about what I know.

As I implied, this piece was perfect for B1. That's where its readers are looking for it. The editorial page is -- or should be -- a fair bit weightier.

Media Dude said...

Steven, you are proving that you are in this only to slam the Courier. My first point is that in your response to my comment you beg a B1 response, but in the blog listing you give a snarky comment about Tim looking to a new career. Which is it? You ignore the idea of "community" journalism too. You're just trying to stir your own nest. Further we have your lack of knowledge about the Courier. Look at it - Jerry's column is no longer on B1, but on B7. Sports now has the front. If critics want respect, they need to get their facts straight.

Steven Ayres said...

=> Which is it?

My post used the word "or." Perhaps you missed it.

=> You ignore the idea of "community" journalism too.

In fact I addressed it -- the sort of feel-good features that newspapers have long been using to fill inside pages for the advertisers. It's fine as far as it goes, but I haven't much use for it, and I think the general decline of newspaper readership shows that it hasn't done much for the medium. Perhaps you can give us your ideas on why you think it's important.Then how it's important enough for the editorial page.

=> You're just trying to stir your own nest.

It's an interesting image, but I'm not at all sure what it's supposed to mean. From your context I can probably guess.

=> Jerry's column is no longer on B1, but on B7.

Woohoo, you got me on that one. Never mind where the column's been for ages. I gather you know more about internal layout decisions than a regular reader -- perhaps you're in the layout department?

=> you are proving that you are in this only to slam the Courier.

That's another hasty conclusion, drawn from seeing things differently. And considering that what I'm writing is clearly so lame, what exactly are *you* in this for?

Anonymous said...

Steve, I think a distinction needs to be made here. Your observation that "fluff" columns have no space on the editorial page has some validity. However, you must remember that the Courier isn't a paper that has the newshole other papers do. Tim's piece is what I call a commentary or perspective. In other papers, it would go on the metro front (or city front) and be wildly successful. Many of these type columns run on metro fronts (Tommy Tomlinson of the Charlotte Observer, Scott Herhold of the San Jose Mercury News, and a little closer to home, former mertro columnist at the East Valley Tribune, Slim Smith) with great success. Tomlinson was a 2005 Pulitzer Prize finalist for commentary. The point is Tim's columns reflect the flavor of the newspaper: A local column (or perspective if you will) that inspires local results in this case. On occasion, Tim will make a stand on something. However, Tim is probably the most identifiable person on staff and his columns are a reflection of what he sees in his community. My two-cents, jared head

leftturnclyde said...

Wow Steven ,for once Tim had something to say that didnt cause me to grind my teeth down to stumps.
Much as I am astounded at media Dude's defense of Tim's columns as a whole,( he compared Tim to HERB CAEN!!!!!!!!!)this one does not suck .
Even a blind squirrel gets a acorn every now and then eh?

Steven Ayres said...

=> In other papers, it would go on the metro front (or city front)

Maybe I'm missing something, but since the Courier usually uses its B section as the 'community' hole, it seems we agree on where the column would fit -- if Jerry weren't already doing it.

It's funny how much response this post has generated. I did, in the end, rate it "harmless," mind.

Steven Ayres said...

By the way Jared, thanks for signing in, and welcome.