Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A1: "City moves forward with roundabout study"

Councilcritter Suttles goes to school on roundabouts, and I hope she'll be able to borrow Cindy Barks' notes, she'll need them for the quiz. Voters should take a few notes here, too, for the coming election.

A1: "Police arrest second PUSD teacher"

We don't learn why it took two months between taking him out of his classroom and the actual arrest, but Mirsada Buric covers this ugliness pretty well. I'm thankful for the quote from Kapp at the end in defense of all the good teachers whose reputations are indirectly besmirched by this. And for anyone thinking of putting their kid in private school to get away from this, bear in mind that PUSD has a program in place and caught the guy. You don't hear about the ones who don't get caught.

Cartoon: Memorial Day protest

Protesting the war to take our troops out of harm's way equals spitting on our veterans. Uh-huh. The mind that can buy into this drek is pitiable, but the minds that conceive this message and abet its distribution are the real serial abusers, taking advantage of those who are too weak to defend themselves.

Letters: Inattention edition

Leaving aside the standard nonprofit thank-you letter, today's mailbag is about missing the boat: Suzanne MacGowan thinks we can just tax the underground economy, Peggy McCauslin agrees with me but didn't quite read the material, and Reb Satterfield, while doing wonderful things for the troops, remains confused about the war.

Editorial: "Minutemen need to reveal secret identities"

While the unnamed Courier editor goes a bit over the top in referring to wannabe vigilantism as "noble work," his central point is correct, even if its motivation is a bit venal. (He really wants to print the vigilante rant sitting on his spike, but with no name on it, he can't.) The writing is all original, the idea is good for the town, that's enough to rate a cookie. Too bad he couldn't resist the gratuitous cowboy reference.

Talk of the Town: "Yavapai officials mustn’t keep us in the dark"

Georgene Lockwood, a friend of mine, lets the Queen Bee have it with both barrels. We haven't always seen eye-to-eye on the issues and tactics going on in Williamson Valley, but here she stays on track and I think she's right on.