Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Editorial: "Minutemen need to reveal secret identities"

While the unnamed Courier editor goes a bit over the top in referring to wannabe vigilantism as "noble work," his central point is correct, even if its motivation is a bit venal. (He really wants to print the vigilante rant sitting on his spike, but with no name on it, he can't.) The writing is all original, the idea is good for the town, that's enough to rate a cookie. Too bad he couldn't resist the gratuitous cowboy reference.

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leftturnclyde said...

you gave him a cookie steven but you sure did wiggle and squirm around a lot before you gave it up.
the unamed editor obviously sympathizes with what these guys are trying to do ,which is putting the spotlight on the folks that are hireing the illeagals (the folks which you and I both agree Are the root cause of this whole Lincon/grove thing),but hammers them hard on why remaining anonymous hurts their cause .Dude,This editor is doing the right thing which is waaay more important than the difference in the way you both veiw the minuteman movement in general.