Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Medical examiner: Blows Kennedy received could have been fatal

Someone in the comments pointed it out before me: an awful, awful headline. It'd be laughable if it weren't about a brutal murder.

Letter: Chamber should seek volunteers, not money

Andrea Smith suggests that the Chamber seek volunteers rather than cash to put up Xmas lights. Better yet, let the Chamber hire people to do this and so contribute to the local economy. Its interest in the Xmas display is purely as business promotion, after all. Why should businesses get this service for free?

Editorial: Holiday forecast looks brighter

Here's another entry from the unnamed Courier editor's empty Barcalounger.

Excepting the last line (a wan suggestion that readers spend more, presumably at retailers who advertise in the Courier), this is nothing more than a business-page filler. A waste of time for both writer (even if the writer is just a chair) and reader.

Interesting that it didn't show up on the website till after 3pm. Maybe the staff was just ashamed and hoped no one would see it. I know I would.