Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Editorial: "Questions abound around shooting"

Yeah: one of my questions is why the unnamed Courier editor can't seem to spend more than five minutes writing an editorial.

For example, did anyone else notice this paragraph-long sentence fragment?

This terrible tragedy and how officials analyze the underlying motive and how the shooter, a man who reportedly went first to a coed residence hall in search of his girlfriend and shot two people then showed up two hours later at an engineering classroom building, was able to kill another 30 people and himself.

But for once the Courier editor comes up with a useful thought around a gun incident:
Who was the shooter, what drove him to do it, and what signs did people miss that might have allowed counselors or law enforcement to keep him from going through with it?

Relatively speaking, this almost rates a cookie.

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leftturnclyde said...

yet another symptom of our inability as a nation to address this issue . I will say this again the world either has to A: dump all the weapons in the world.( Im not sure about sticks,a stick is your best friend) and destroy all knowledge of them and hope that no smart evil fella finds or rediscovers the tech to make em ..(fat chance) or B: take responsibilty for the invention and make sure everybody has one, knows how to use it ,what it can and cannot do and move on to the next thing ..like getting this whole globalwarming thing under control..another thing we have been unable to make a decision on as a society.