Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A3: "Analyst has her doubts about the future of healthcare"

If our local paper's mission involves informing voters on the issues that will affect their futures, Derek Meurer's story from the Arizona Town Hall should have been on A1 in place of the history talk by the Holocaust survivor.

The speaker on health care clearly pulled no punches, and we read about some of the reactions, which come across as largely skeptical. Was that really the case? No way to know without attending in person. Some responses from our local health-care leaders might be informative as well.

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leftturnclyde said...

ya know ..I was reading an article in the Republic(I know Iknow Let me finish) about the whole bee hive die off thing and one of the bee keepers said this " you know Im not for big government but somebody has to help us "
this is what we will be hearing from those folks in the crowd who were skeptical when the shit hits the fan.
I would have liked to hear more about what was debated but since it dont involve them "Dang meskins"
I guess it was not veiwed as important.