Sunday, April 15, 2007

Talk of the Town: "The alternative to global warming stinks"

Ah, good. Tim W told me a few weeks ago that he was working to facilitate public debate about the climate crisis. So here we have the opening remarks from the tiny minority of people who call themselves scientists, don't think humans are changing our climate and don't think climate change is necessarily a bad thing.

I'm no scientist, and Terry Lovell is -- he teaches business and computer science at YC. No meteorology or climatology, nor any earth sciences, for that matter, but what the heck, he understands the scientific method, right? And apparently he believes he understands it better than the rest of the scientific community, which views climate change as not only human-caused, but threatening to civilization worldwide.

One thing Prof Lovell apparently does not understand is the difference between the CO2 you exhale, "you global climate criminal," you, and the CO2 spewed into the atmosphere in burning fuels taken from underground. This tells me that he may have skipped the class on the carbon cycle.

But I'm no scientist, so I'll look forward to another prominent and long Talk of the Town next week from another scientist, one who joins the vast majority of her peers worldwide in calling for immediate, decisive action to limit CO2 output and the extent of the impending climate disaster.

Thanks for doing this, Tim, your readers could really use some solid information about this issue.

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leftturnclyde said...

MMMMMMMMMM, an actual scientist , speaking outside of his field on a subject that has nothing what so ever to do with computer science. and did you notice how he managed to compare all these climatology types to nazi stooges? ..I hope Tim actually tried to find a climatologist to refute global warming ..But Im gonna guess if he did HE COULDNT FIND ONE THAT WAS CREDIBLE !
Lets wait and see who steps up to tell the" global warming is real and human caused" side and if its some pastry cook...grrr snarl...