Sunday, April 15, 2007

A1: "City takes stance on downtown violations"

The most interesting angle in this story for me is the very first clause. Yes, it's good that City bureacrats are doing a little something to catch up with this problem, but where were they when it was happening? It required multiple complaints, including LTEs mentioned previously here, to get any movement.

Then there's the bit at the end, wherein City Kitchen Sink Czar Mic Fenech lusts to spend another 80 grand of our money on a machine, plus the man-hours to operate and maintain it, to do what the property owners are already legally required to do on their own. I'll look forward to more on this, Cindy.

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leftturnclyde said...

SO let me get this straight
the regs were'nt enforced from the get go , now after much bitching from the public..and the tourist season upon us, the city suddenly is amazed that no one has been folowing existing reg's and the solution is a street sweeper? for the love of J. Fred Muggs put the fear of fine's into the whiskey row Business's and that ally will clean up faster than Karl Rove
can Delete a Email.