Sunday, April 15, 2007

Editorial: "We need more culture, less pop"

The unnamed Courier editor riffs incoherently on this week's cannibalistic media feeding frenzy on Don Imus, wrenching things around to find a way to work in a whack at his favorite inflatable punching clown.

• When she was first lady, Hillary Clinton allegedly called a campaign contributor a "Jew bastard."

I gather this little meme has been circulating among the Bill-Clinton-is-Satan crowd for a while, but I hadn't heard it before, so I checked it out. I was not really surprised that the private he-said-she-said moment in question allegedly happened in 1974, rather before she was Mrs Clinton, let alone a resident of 1600 Penn Ave, her accuser was a campaign staffer rather than a contributor, he was disbarred for malpractice and mentally unstable, and she released a written apology from him.

You gotta wonder whether this meets the Courier editor's normal standard for reporting facts.

Did I mention that the cartoon running next to this editorial (link is busted) is another whack at Hillary? Anyone else think someone's got an obsession going here?

In the comments, early-riser Jane goes after similar distortion of Rosie O'Donnell, who's also been a frequent Courier target recently. Think we'll see a reply?


leftturnclyde said...

steve unclear on one thing she called the guy a "Jew Bastard"
and she released an apology FROM him ???? that don't sound right .Methinks you mistype ..
anyway ..Im not sure why the right is spending so much time going after her since anyway ..well ...IMHO she's unelectable. geez did I spell that right Damn this weblog for not having spell check .I appeal to the spirit of J.Fred Muggs to heal this problem..Vootie ..Vootie..Om Mane Padme Hummmmm
(sorry, too much Espresso)

Steven Ayres said...

Rather, he said that she didn't say it.

Yeah, too much coffee, man.