Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A1 and Editorial: The Wal-Mart fine

Cookies all around.

On the front page under "Wal-Mart committee will pay $22,500," Ken Hedler puts together a clear and concise report on the settlement of the legal issue that's dogged the Wal-Mart support campaign since before the election, this time leaving out any backhand slap at the opposing team. The research exposes the facts of the matter and leaves them for the reader to analyze.

Following up, in "Wal-Mart 'disagreement' leaves many questions," the unnamed Courier editor moves that analysis forward, and puts a couple of pertinent questions for the future. While he reflexively asserts that the result of the election was foregone despite the hanky-panky and neglects to note the Courier's direct role in supporting that side of the issue, I think overall we can say this is how local-issue coverage should be done.

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leftturnclyde said...

It would be interesting to know how much the lawyers got for saving the committee (or Wal-Mart) $7,500 and no face.

Oh courier where were you when we needed you ..BEFORE THE ELECTION !

Anyway Im a bettin that what the Law firm that was involved actually did was advise Walmart and Yes on 400 that no one will go to jail ,the fine would be a measily 30 grand at most and we can get that from petty cash. full speed ahead ! uh here's our Bill,thanks! Say hi to the wife and love to the Kids.