Monday, April 9, 2007

O'Reilly: "Rosie is sinking her ship with vitriol"

A little light entertainment for your morning coffee. Identifying O'Donnell as a spokesperson for 'the left' is as goofy as putting O'Reilly up as the voice of 'the right,' rather than the radical nutbar entertainment industry, in which both are leading lights.

From 'The Rosie Factor,' as originally headlined (see it before it sinks), the Courier left out this bit referring to Disney, which I find particularly amusing:

If it fires O'Donnell, the left will attack the company on free speech grounds.

Wanna bet, Bill?

For the record, in removing 220 words from this 560-word column, the Courier editor carefully preserved Bill's points, editing graph-by-graph, and I think only inadvertently turning his lead into a fat joke. Compare that to the Goodman slashing yesterday.

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leftturnclyde said...

hmm if she's so obviously wrong why the repeated attacks on her ,Bill seriously , make a rasberry noise and cut her mike ..oh wait she's not on your little show so you have to listen to what she says,no wait you could change the channel or do you have a secret crush on one of the other view girls. anyway this whole thing would be a non issue for me except for the courier again crefully editing stories to fit while maintaining the editors point of veiw .come on everybody say it with me !IF IT WONT FIT DONT POST IT .
Thanks to Johnny Cochran RIP