Monday, April 9, 2007

Herron: "County Web site makes tax research easy"

I generally like Al's approach to controversy, where he says, "OK, let's check out whether this is true" and patiently dismantles wackiness. That's what he's after here, and I strongly support the idea of making sure you understand the real effect of your new assessment before you start jumping up and down and calling for bodily harm to the assessor.

But Al, I have to say I wish you'd go after this with a little more umph and point of view. I get the feeling I'm reading Heloise.

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leftturnclyde said...

this is a hugely important tool for the public and its presented with all the oomph of ..well steve said it first and better . I would like to add that the mission of this newspaper seems to be to get folks to not participate in local GOVT. by downplaying citizen participation and oversight in local issues .unless of course it serves the hey lets hurry up andgetallthisconcretepouredbefore thewaterissuecantbeignoredanymore andthe moneydriesuplikephleghmonthesidewalkatnoon crowd.