Monday, April 9, 2007

Editorial: "Editorial: Liquor Board must look at location, too"

Maybe the Courier editor is being charitable to Council, but this reads like he's chiding the hapless bureaucrat for not having the right responsibilities. That might add a new level of bumbling to make the story funnier, but leading off with suicide in the standard gratuitous pop-culture reference kinda breaks the mood, and pretty well obscures the editor's point.


leftturnclyde said...

More mushy editorial writing suprising not! on the situation it adress's however its mallet time!

what this situatin does show is how stunningly impotent local Govt. is when dealing with the state bureaucrats. I like watching pencil pushers get frustrated as much as the next guy but this seems almost surreal.Hmm lets see a liquor store within walking distance of a high school.yup they need a license how could the city not see that we NEED this.

MJ said...

remember that what we are talking about is a liquor store that moved across goodwin street -- maybe 100ft closer to mile high middle school. like the kids didn't already know it was there and couldn't/wouldn't walk across the street to get there.

the back story (at least the way i heard it) is that the owner of the building wanted to shut the liquor barn down so he could put in his own liquor store. so he jacked up the rent. i guess he was kinda pissed off when they just moved across the street.