Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A1: "Students, staff speak out on proposed dress code"

Shari Lopatin delivers the goods in a range of quotes illustrating the various feelings in school about the dress-code issue. With the caveat that there's no telling from this whether there's a consensus opinion, and that would be good to know, this seems like a pretty good job.

We learn a couple surprising things here: that wearing beachwear or your hat on backwards is a 'privilege' (now that's aiming high, eh?), and that teachers are apparently as resistant to apparel rules for them as the kids are. My bet is a new dress code ain't gonna happen -- nobody actually affected seems to get the point.

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leftturnclyde said...

the hats thing I really dont think should be an issue. Open toed shoes however...man ,they just aint safe ( any one who says they are please allow me to drop small pieces of broken glass on your feet while wearing them )and besides flip flops are for the beach , when you aint planning on keeping your shoes on anyway.