Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A1: "Police seek 4 suspects in home invasion"

Shorter Mirsada Buric: We don't know anything more about these stories than we did yesterday, but they were sure sensational, huh?

So why front-page a retread of the weekend police blotter? I'm drawn to the concatenation here of two quite separate stories without so much as a subhead between them. As an editor I might like to do this if I saw connecting threads. So what are the common elements? They both happened in PV, they both involved the PVPD, they were both sensational, and they both involved Hispanic perps. Hmm.


leftturnclyde said...

concatenation ? Dude I thought I got ya on a typo ..holy cow its a real word..are you showing off or getiing ready to play scrabble to the death ? :)
anyway what the heck there seems to be a little more info but basically the same story .Kinda like the "Bad People hiding in church" story from a couple days ago innit?

Steven Ayres said...

The only new info I recall without checking is that the perps in the car chase are illegals. Could that be a big hint as to why this Frankenstory is out, scaring the villagers?