Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ignatius: "Running out of opportunities to avoid bloodshed in Iraq"

David Ignatius shills for the Bush administration by rolling out a standard talking point -- if we get out, there'll be a bloodbath! I guess half a million Iraquis already dead and who knows how many maimed doesn't qualify as a bloodbath in Ignatius' book. What planet are these people on, and where can I get some of that crack?

There was a civil war going on in Iraq long before the Bushites invaded -- the steady winners were just in charge of the government and had most of the firepower -- and there will be civil war there until the underlying issues are resolved. Our military involvement there is only making things worse, that's as plain as day.

But I'll look forward to the editors printing a proper rebuttal to this bonehead argument. Our town could profit from open and informed discussion of this issue. There's a national election coming up.

Originally headlined "A Consensus Waiting to Happen," July 12. (free sign-in newly required)

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leftturnclyde said...

I love (wait no I dont ) the catch 22 logic employed by folks who have not figured out that
the best way to get out of a hole is to(dramatic Pause) STOP DIGGIN IT !!!.
if these folks are so hot to have a "humanitarian" Military mission to stop the chaos, lets go to the UN and beg forgivness for being JACKASSES and get the peace keeping missions started ,otherwise we should get the hell out and hope that this mess that our country has created dont come back and bite us in the form of a whole new generation of violent people( that got to practice on real live soldiers) that have good reason to really ,really want to hurt our country.