Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Editorial: "One's word of honor isn't worth what it used to be"

Oh, spare me. More glowering invocations of idealized cowboy culture from our resident wannabe, railing like a mustachioed melodramatist that this developer is acting, um, just like a developer. Puh-leeze!

We've been here before, of course.

You know what, Ben? A person's word has always mattered, and it's always mattered all over this country, not just the "West." You watch way too many cowboy movies on TV, it's time to grow up.

And your headline sucks.


Granny J said...

Tut, Steve-- you want to take the color out of everything. Leave us our legends, however tatty. After all, we simply don't have that long history that many peoples and countries have. Besides, since the good ole boys on the other side will invoke those legends, it's only fittin' to throw their words back at them.

Anonymous said...

Time for me to take up for the copy editor who wrote the headline. The headline is only as good as the shit that is shoveled your way. I mean, you can't write this for a headline: 'More mundane cowboy references sprinkled with bullshit; don't bother reading'

That wouldn't be a wise career decision, but has crossed the mind of every headline writer in every newsroom in the world. Ben didn't write the headline, I am almost sure of that. I worked at the Courier for 18 months and Ben didn't write one headline while I was there. I am just surprised at others who get surprised when a developer doesn't keep his word. Listen up: Get it in writing and quit being naive.

Also, never begin an editorial with the word 'Indulge.' That's bush league, something to see in a college newspaper. And unless your Jesus himself, don't use parables. Say what you've got to say and get on with it. Don't waste people's time or they will quit bothering with you (or the Courier). Cheers, jared

Legends? Give me a break, this is the real world, not play time.

leftturnclyde said...

So who are your heros Jared ?
not defending the cowboy as a cultural icon, or being snarky, just curious.

leftturnclyde said...

I wonder what the couriers position was on this handshake deal with the developer when this first came out? the courier has a habit of endorsing stuff and later when it turns out to be just as fucked up as it can possibly be ,making a dour face and shaking its head while gently chiding the transgressor.For examples of this please see the coverage of the Wallmart issue here in PV and the strip mining ...uh Lowes construction project.

Anonymous said...

Clyde: people close to me: My dad, older brother and an uncle. Both grandafthers died before I was born otherwise I am sure they would be on that list too. Professionally, I began by studying Bob Woodward. Real people, not figments of my imagination. Yours? jared