Thursday, July 12, 2007

Editorial: "Illegal immigration must be taken as seriously as drugs"

For once I can agree completely with a Courier editorial headline. The immigration non-problem and the War on Some Drugs are both trumped-up political issues designed to get reactionaries elected, and should be taken equally seriously -- not at all.

But then I read the piece, in which the unnamed Courier editor leaps a huge logical crevasse from the county budgeting more money for drug interdiction to his pet peeve about scary brown people, and I gather he doesn't take these issues very seriously either. It's so slapdash it seems he scribbled it out while watching O'Reilly on TV.

If you don't care about it anymore, give the job to somebody else, man. This is pathetic.


leftturnclyde said...

oh for the love of cheese pizza ,this is about funding

Anonymous said...

The editorial is about an 8-PERCENT INCREASE?? Come on, to tie immigration to the failing war on drugs is too big of a stretch. why not blame the war in Iraq on illegal immigration. I'm sure that can be tied (passive) together. Look on the bright side: no cowboy reference. How about a cookie for that Steve? Oh yeah Clyde, funding (as a verb) is a no-no word at the Courier, just like the passive voice. jared

Steven Ayres said...

Interesting. I'd like to see what else is on that proscribed-word list, Jared.