Sunday, July 15, 2007

Editorial: "Someone will always fill inaction vacuum"

Compare this with yesterday's A1 story and it's hard to avoid the conclusion that editorial ideas are distorting the news operation. The bias in the news story was blatant, and today's editorial confirms where that bias originates. The editor imagines himself as a revolutionary, and throws in with garden-variety mob-rule authoritarians playing comic-book cowboy.

It's a little sickening considering the very difficult issues our community and larger society will be facing before the current crop of editors retire to their walled communities and homeowner-association boards, where they belong.

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Anonymous said...

Why don't you just say, 'hey we're facists and want to be like Nazi Germany. If you don't look like us, then you must not be up to any good.' This reminds me of the srtuggles that the deep south went through during the Civil Rights push. A group tried to 'record and report' to the authorities to. That group: the Ku Klux Klan. And when the authorities said they are within their rights, then they resorted to murder and intimidation. Look, I'm down for people being different from me politically and philisophically. But when you drag us back by 50 years, it kind of sucks.

Just strap an Elephant with an NRA logo to the top of the editorial page and call it a day. WTF is up with that Clinton/anti-gun tirade? Give it a rest, we get it: The Courier doesn't like Clinton and is VERY pro-gun. jared