Friday, July 13, 2007

A1: "Minutemen and Patriot Alliance find common ground"

I'm sure the entire community was deeply concerned that the brownshirts, 'scuse me, yellowshirts, had splintered over different interpretations of the secret handshake, and equally relieved to know that the self-appointed guardians of racial purity will be collaborating to give every available brown-skinned day laborer a hard time. But it's a pretty shameful display on the front page of the daily newspaper of Everybody's Hometown.

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Anonymous said...

Can't agree more with you Steve. This is a racist action. When you cut through the cloth, this is nothing more than racism and it is a sad day to see that this is on the front page. To the racists at the Minutemen and Patriot Alliance: What are you going to do? Stand there so they can't? Take down names and numbers? Why don't you make better use of your time: volunteer with CASA, help out at Meals on Wheels, visit the VA or a nursing home. But to stand behind the safety excuse for your racist behavior is embarrassing. At least be true to yourself. jared