Saturday, July 14, 2007

Talk of the Town: "1960s water report on aquifer was accurate"

Ha! I'll bet Ed McGavock thought Win Hjalmarson was dead too, so there'd be no one to rebut him. Speaking fluent bureaucratese, Hjalmarson dismantles the critics of his work with cold precision.

Shorter-term residents may not have heard about the Holiday Lakes swindle. It serves as a simple, direct example of what happens to the Verde when you open the taps on the Big Chino too wide, and Hjalmerson was there measuring the effect.


Anonymous said...

How gratifying! I've been watching the political climate surrounding the water scene in Yavapai County for some time now. The blatant attempts by politicians and developers to downplay the looming water crisis that they are creating is disgusting. Watching a real scientist prevail once in a while is refreshing!

Granny J said...

But what good does it do to have all those words on paper? Holes in the ground, pumps and pipes-- that's what is real.

Steven Ayres said...

The papers inform the citizens, and the citizens have a better grasp on the problem and how to address it. At least in theory.

We have a huge problem with misinformation and disinformation around complex issues. If we can't agree on who's an authority, or worse, most people think that there can be no authority because all facts are opinions, decision-making is crippled.

Jack Wilson said...

In my humble opinion a reputable scientist, such as Ed McGavock considers himself, would have contacted Win Hjalmarson to check his facts about Win before he committed them to posterity. I was at the presentation that Ed McGavock made at the Upper Verde River Protection Coalition meeting and he made the comment "I am always right." He lost all credibility with me at that point, as there is only ONE that is always right and it is not Ed McGavock.
It is time to move to the higher ground and move away from politically motivated decisions on water. That requires a wisdom we have not seen from our current city officials, an ability to look at what is best for the next generation and not what is best for the next election.

Steven Ayres said...

Welcome, Jack, and good luck with your campaign.