Friday, May 4, 2007

Letters: Smackdown Friday

Today we have three cogent responses to various letters and opinions appearing in the Courier, including one to Terry Lovell's April 15 ToT from an actual meteorologist. Editors, maybe Dale Meyer can write the balancing opinion we've all been anticipating for most of a month, since the expert you did ask is just not getting it done.

The fourth letter, from an unhappy customer at the ZZ Top concert, I could swear I've seen before. Is this a repeat?

1 comment:

leftturnclyde said...

yeah courier wheres the global warming rebuttle ?cant find anyone who sound silly?
(grumble )

fights? crowd rushing the stage? didnt Beth Rogers buy a ticket to a Rock n Roll show ?
oh well more proof that us Boomers are gettin old.
anyway in all seriousness looks like the managemnent of the event center could use some schoolin in what the payin customers want.I will save a copy of this thing to compare to future customer complaints.