Friday, May 4, 2007

Editorial: "'Immigrant rights' is a true oxymoron"

The unnamed Courier editor gives himself a star today, apparently for throwing rocks in all directions at once. Big rocks, that don't fly far before thudding into the dirt.

We have a rock aimed at immigrants, lots of rocks for illegal immigrants (the editor forgets the difference), a rock for Dems, whom he thinks want "a ready-made dependent class" that can vote but can't vote, a rock for Republican labor exploiters, a rock for amnesty, another for people who don't speak English well enough for the editor to get his lawn done properly, a rock for the Feds for failing to employ the magic alien technologies they've been keeping secret that would seal the border, and a big fat rock for Thomas Jefferson, who held certain truths to be self-evident.

Luckily, no one was harmed.


coyoteradiotheater said...

Tomorrow, at BlogFest, I am going to ask John Kamen, who, who! at the Courier is quoting Wikipedia as a definative source.

Yes, an open source, up with people no media corporation standing behind it definative source.

Is this the end of civilization?

leftturnclyde said...

at least there was a rock for the republican labor exploiters ..sheesh

how ever this is wrong
"Some wags might say "military accountability" is an oxymoron
Thats "military intelligence"
talk about oxymorons... anyway
military accountability refers to the militarys ability to count Im glad to have cleared that up

leftturnclyde said...

hey coyoteradio!much to my disapointment I will be unable to attend blogfest as I will be working ...sorry man I really wanted to go !maybe you could make it a semi annual event?

courierfriend said...

Coyoteradio, I do not work at the Courier, but it was me quoting Wikipedia. I'm not quoting it as a definitive source, just quoting it as the first of many sites that turned up in a search of gun control issues, all saying the same thing. I realize it's not the best source out there, but this is a blog, not a newspaper article, so I felt safe in quoting it. This is not the end of civilization, never fear. I admit Wikipedia is far, so far! from the ultimate in information. I just thought the explanation if offered was clear and well done -- and as I said, one of many making the same point.

Steven Ayres said...

CF, note that the editor used a Wikipedia reference in today's editorial.