Saturday, May 5, 2007

A1: "City looks to beef up recycling"

This story by Cindy Barks puzzles me. We have a contract with a company to take our recyclables at cost to us of $30 per ton. We put that contract out for a new bid and the same company wins it at $10 per ton. There's no indication in the story of whether the specification in the contract has changed. Excuse my cynicism, but it's difficult to believe that the company is giving up two-thirds of its revenue on this deal without some balancing factor.

When they removed glass bins around town, requiring us to take our glass to the transfer station instead, City staff created a recent history of arbitrarily cutting back on recycling services without public input. In covering this story, answering a couple of basic questions would either inform the reader of what we'll be giving up in the deal or assure us that we're not.

There's a cute juxtaposition of this story with a an evocative photo by Jo Keener showing PV residents dealing with tons of trash. Page-one irony, perhaps?


Granny J said...

FYI, Prescott College has a glass collection point over on the alley between Grove and Garden Sts.

leftturnclyde said...

I think Steven Has a point ..shouldnt the city ( and the citizenry) Be supporting and doing things to make it EASIER to recycle? you see what we get to do in PV twice a year...
Would love to see the courier bring the city to task on this ..

DeltaDeltaDelta said...


BTW, I was told by city staff that glass recycling was moved to Sundog Ranch Rd site because of liability issues with owners of the original bin locations: broken glass spread around in parking lots, etc.