Saturday, May 5, 2007

Letters: The hits just keep on comin'

Five short ones today: Lou Harris agrees with me that it was evil, Dorothy Williamson wonders what the parking garage is for if not this, Bill Sonsin warns that our Congresscritter isn't convicted yet (well, not much), Glen Brose nails the tried-and-true method we can expect to see used here to kill off bus service, and non-scientific type Don Wallace thinks Terry Lovell should get another 99 climate-crisis-deniers together and smack down Al Gore. (Here's a clue, Don: he can't.)

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leftturnclyde said...

"We will now settle arguments with guns instead of words"
No we wont Louis. If the above statement was based in fact we wouldnt still be talkin about it because the people with guns would have already won.

"Most days and every night it appears to be nearly empty. So why is the city preparing to provide more parking? Any new residential development in the downtown or historic area should have to provide enough parking for its own residents before getting a building permit"
Right on Dorothy, theres an Idea get those greedy blood sucki...umm... Progress minded Businessmen to provide new infrastructure out of their own pocket .

"Renzi, too, is innocent until proven guilty. Let the investigation continue. But, let us all remember that it is just that ­ an inquiry, not a trial. Many investigations go nowhere and close with no further action. Let the truth come out and then let the consequences, if any, happen. But let's wait for the facts before passing judgment."
Bill, the only reason our friend Mr Renzi is not already convicted and in jail is his good buddy in the Whitehouse, the AGOTUS,fired the fedral prosecutor that would have put him there .

"If we begin a system without proper financing, all we will see is continual fare increases, declining passenger counts, cutting back on quality and established routes, and finally abandonment of service"
Glen, you are correct sir lets make sure that we do this right shall we ?

and finally , the earnest but deluded Don Wallace,
you do realize Terry Lovell's area of expertise is NOT in Climatology or Metorology you get that or does it just not matter cos he's tellin you what you want to hear?