Thursday, April 5, 2007

Talk of the Town: "Now is the time to prepare for droughts"

I'm trying to reach Mr Garfin to check how well the Courier version of his piece reflects his views, but no joy so far. Meanwhile, what leaps out at me is yet another attempt to paint the climate crisis as a political position rather than a real problem, matching VP Al Gore up with twisted entertainer Rush Limbaugh. Maybe that's in there just to set the expected Courier reader at ease about listening to a climatologist. From the looks of the Institute for the Study of Planet Earth Website, I don't expect Mr Garfin is anything but a straightforward scientist, but we'll see.

What's more likely to puzzle the casual reader is the headline. Haven't we been in drought for ten years already? I guess it's time to get on the stick! Check what the Verde Independent editors think about that, plus what Cottonwood and Clarkdale are doing while Prescott sits on its thumbs.

Anyhow I'll let you know if he comes back to me with a reply.

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leftturnclyde said...

cottonwood and clarkdale which have a year round river nearby already doing something (albeit mighty Little , water only at night , water upon request only,wash your car with a bucket and a hose that has a nozzle that shuts off , dont sound like the spickets gettin turned off to me )
and prescott which has to Pump water from the ground is saying we should maybe oughta think about what to do if the drought (WHICH IS ALREADY HERE! DUH)begins.
What no one seems to be able to get those elected official types to say is that if its proved that we have no sustainable water supply the money machine thats pushing all this growth stops and they get stuck with the bill for the party.
it just makes me want to strangle a manatee in the nude
oops sorry for the visual