Thursday, April 5, 2007

B1: "Touting conservation"

Here's what they could have put on A1 in place of that stupid fluff. (sub required) Another kudo for Cindy Barks. This looks a lot like a City press release, but the info here is good and useful.

I've got one brickbat: maybe it's a pet peeve, but editors, look up "tout" sometime -- there's an unsavory nuance to that word that I don't think you really intend.


leftturnclyde said...

did not seem to be in the online edition so I could not read the article..and I think you are being much too generous in thinking that tout was not carefully chosen for the impact of the word..refer to the so called deleted for space parts of the wp stories you have pointed out earlier

Steven Ayres said...

I try not to ascribe to evil what can as easily follow from simple incompetence.