Thursday, April 5, 2007

Editorial: "Wal-Mart needs to play by the rules"

Duh. Waste of space.


leftturnclyde said...

maybe the election results should be thrown out and walmart should be forced to use the 30 grand to banckroll the other side in the re elction...just a hopefull thought

Steven Ayres said...

I dunno, man, a 67-33% loss is a pretty decisive result, and it's hard to make the case that the reporting failure affected anything.

What I saw happening in that issue was that the residents of PV generally, particularly the neighborhoods that will be most affected by the new traffic, etc., sort of laid back and let the union take the lead. That made it easy for Wal-Mart to paint it as a special-interest issue, money or no money. Add in the convenient new access to cheap Chinese junk that the store will bring, and it was a slam-dunk.Everybody loves cheap Chinese junk.

leftturnclyde said...

actually I want "A" cheap chineese junk

leftturnclyde said...

Jeez I cant believe I spelled Chinese, Chineese
Rubber mallet slams head
ice pack applied

mj said...

there are two things that bug me about this editorial:

1) "The results make it obvious that
the people wanted the convenience of a Wal-Mart in Prescott Valley and voted accordingly."

that MIGHT be A conclusion to reach from the results. another might be
"throw enough money at an issue (and cheat if you think you can get away with it) and you can get people to vote any way you want".

2) "It [Wal-Mart] won and it needs to make it clear that it won by the rules of the game."

soooo ... the rules of the game include cheating and then paying the fine if you are caught? high moral standards indeed!

Steven Ayres said...

Right, so the problem was not that Wal-Mart didn't report properly, rather that Wal-Mart was allowed to pour a practically unlimited amount of money into the process, so much that it lost track of its reporting obligations.

So who was it thought that it was a good idea to give corporations the same rights as people? I wanna smack that guy.