Thursday, April 12, 2007

Talk of the Town: "‘Anchor babies’ weighing country down"

Maybe it's just me: is anyone else seeing a pattern in the Courier's editorial choices related to illegals? Tim W hints in private Email that the Courier editorial policy isn't what I think it is. So just what is it, Tim? Let's get it out there so your readers know what they're buying into.

In yet another brown-peril rant, CR Shoemaker tells us we are "a nation under siege" because, I must infer, we actually follow our laws in how we deal with immigrants, extending our principles about human rights to all. Tell you the truth, RC, I just don't feel under seige in any way, and neither do you. The bottom-line truth is that you don't like your lily-white vision of America sullied with the brown babies of refugees who might grow up and vote.

For the record, I tend to agree that birthright citizenship is problematic in the age of jet air travel and mobile populations. But public discussion of this issue is very poorly served by ignorant, fearful fulminating. Do the Courier editors perhaps know any qualified adults who might be able to write about this?

Update, 6pm: Link fixed, sorry!


leftturnclyde said...

steve I wanna see what pissed you off ..but the link dont work.
Whoop whoop .scotty whats goin on down there ..scotty ..scotty can you hear me .. Mr Sulu you have the con..
( sorry dont know what came over me there I guess Im still upset about Kurt V.)

leftturnclyde said...

Thanks steve , adrenalin makes the fingers shaky , and I vote for you write the rebuttal editorial.
go on I dare you :)