Thursday, April 12, 2007

Editorial: "Ignoring dress code problem won't solve it"

So after weeks of controversy, competing proposals, public comment and a vote, the unnamed Courier editor thinks the PUSD board 'ignored' a 'problem.' Is this actually meant to insult not only the board members, but the process as well, or is it just another example of reckless hip-shooting because the result doesn't fit the editor's half-baked ideas?

Your 'problem' was, charitably, an idea raised by some stakeholders in this, and you had a long public process that resulted in a hung jury. We have a board process so we can be confident that decisions are not made based on individual whims. It often appears that many people would prefer to have kings over democracy. Maybe the vote doesn't always go your way, but I guarantee you'll prefer that once you live for a while with the alternative. Quit whining.

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leftturnclyde said...

from what I read it sounded like there was a dress code already in place and they voted to keep it which isnt exactly doing nothing i wrong here ? I still dont understand the let em wear flip flops thing but what the heck I aint the one gonna be diggin slivers of metal or glass out of my kids feet.