Saturday, April 14, 2007

Talk of the Town: "Local citizens stepped up to help others"

Courier editors, it's clue time again: This is not an opinion piece. It's most of a news story written by the people involved, doing your job for you.

Today's mind-teaser: What sort of psychology does it take to lead someone, say a Courier editor, to see a simple story of people helping people as a political position?


leftturnclyde said...

???????????????? man i just dont get this.... wait maybe if we sort of made a schematic of the paper and sort of put little signs and arrows on each section know this kind of story goes here and this kind of story gos over here and you can only fit 300 words here so dont try to mutilate this 800 word oped piece to fit find something that will... spellcheck spellcheck spellcheck...( excuse me whilst I try to wipe the sarcasm off my hands , Thanks)

mj said...

is TotT really supposed to be op-ed? seems like a place for general local gossip and rants by the editors' favorite extremists.

i think this might be legitimate -- every paper needs a "miscellaneous" bin.

Steven Ayres said...

As Tim reminded me rather pointedly not long ago, the topline of the page says Opinion, and by implication nothing on it should be taken as news.

The 'miscellaneous' bin is called Features.

Granny J said...

Picky, picky!

leftturnclyde said...

opinion being presented as news being presented as opinion..cats and dogs living together .MASS HYSTERIA !