Saturday, April 14, 2007

Editorial: "Rule-breaking ATVs make forest dangerous"

Here's another from the teenaged intern the Courier is apparently allowing to write editorials. Guys, it's great that you're helping the kid learn, but it's not really a good idea to allow him to send it to layout unedited.

There's more to writing an editorial than rewriting a story from yesterday and adding "this is icky."


leftturnclyde said...

Hey Steve! Here's an Idea about we pick the WORST Op-Ed piece from the previous week and give it some kind of award..something like the "J.Fred Muggs award "for most lame Op-Ed Piece , or "even a chimpanzee could do better" or "worse than bad cheese in the sun" .. THIS one would get MY vote.

MJ said...

second all above, plus i think i see a missing "not" in the last paragraph:

"It is just that the inconsiderate ATV users can ruin enjoyment of the forest for everyone else. As recent activities show they can hurt themselves and others, and ­ what's most serious for all of us they could start a fire."

whaddya think? maybe all the proofreaders left early on friday ...

coyoteradiotheater said...

Not many people know about the vast amount of monkeys in the basement of the PNI building, all in front of typewriters, who relentless tap tap tap all night long which leads to one random simian who, somehow, manages to generate one polite screed worthy of readership.

That monkey may not be happy, but it is deserving of better description than . . . intern.

Steven Ayres said...

So you think 'typing monkey' might be a better description?

MJ's right about the missing 'not,' and I'd either add 'is that' in the last sentence or replace 'what's' with a comma and add another after 'us.'