Saturday, April 21, 2007

Reagan: "Armed students would have stopped campus shooter"

Uh-huh. Too many cowboy movies, Mike.

If you're keeping score: the original, "Gun Laws Kill," is 727 words; the Courier version: 715.

Update, 10:10am: John K provides the smackdown here.


leftturnclyde said...

mike Regan Sucks...But even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then. His only sane argument is that the ability for the students and staff to choose to have the ability to defend themselves was taken away ..and by the way John in the time it took for the the designated defenders of these people to show up 32 people had died. 32.and if you count cho 33..
Its one thing to walk in a room and start killin helpless people its quite another thing to walk into a room full of people who might be able to kill you and pull a gun
ask any of our returning vets from Iraq .
Guns Bad I agree ,But not having one when you need one worse.I think
Liviu Librescu would agree.

mj said...

It's possible that a rational person intent on mayhem might be deterred by the knowledge that his/her intended victims could be armed. But massacres like this are often carried out by drooling lunatics who know they are going to die in the course of their rampage anyway. Science has yet to discover a means of deterring a suicidal psychopath.

And if you really think that having more than one person blazing away in a classroom full of innocent bystanders is a good idea I'd like to have some of what you've been smoking. Seems like the surest way to increase the casualty count to me ...