Saturday, April 21, 2007

A1: "Renzi takes leave from House committee"

Here's the expected AP story from yesterday with a couple of embellishments by Joanna Dodder, in the right place at the top of A1. Pity that no one seems to be answering the phone to speak for Rep Renzi, but I'm not surprised. I'll look forward to the Courier editorial on this.

It's been interesting to watch Renzi's voting record change before and after the 2006 election. By my unreliable finger-in-the-air reckoning he's been voting with the Dems and against the rest of the remaining AZ elephants about 60% of the time, and sending DM to independents polishing his green cred. What I draw from this is that he at least believes that priorities are shifting substantially among AZ1 voters.


leftturnclyde said...

its funny how they run for cover .........when you turn on the light

mason lewis said...

This guy is just like McCain, whose votes changed when he decided to test the presidential waters. Like I said before, click-flash, click-flash goes the career expiration light.