Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Letters: Water

If you've ever thought you'd like to stop hearing about water, just forget it. We'll always be dealing with this issue in one form or another.

First we have Richard Clemmer rightly dunning the Queen Bee for threatening to obstruct the process of applying AMA rules county-wide. Maybe the public is catching up.

Readers may infer from the letter that Rep Mason did not welcome the addition of the unanimity provision. In fact she strongly supports it, seeing it as necessary because invoking these rules is an irrevocable decision and supervisors are single representatives of different constituencies, so everyone should be on board. It's true that one recalcitrant Supe can hold up the process. I tend to think that's an inherent risk of democracy.

Next we have Steve Norwood forced to clean up after a little squirty mess Rick Renzi left behind. Who gets the award for this one? Renzi, for making the mess, or the Courier, for neglecting to follow up? Isn't it a little odd that Norwood has to get this out among the LTEs rather than in the original story?

1 comment:

leftturnclyde said...

wow you would think that the whole Norwood letter would be the basis for the courier to hold somone's feet to the fire .come on courier!
I know there is a investigative reporter who is just diein for something to do on the staff, either disprove his statments or back him up for the queen bee ,wonder where SHE'S getting her honey from?